5 Common Behavioral Interview Mistakes.

Gone are the days where you can schmooze your way through interviews. If you have not interviewed (on either side of the desk) in the last 5 years, then you may not be familiar with what has become the standard interview process for most companies.

Good candidates often perform poorly when navigating this process which requires you to give briefly outline a specific example to support your answer on a specific topic. Here are 5 common mistakes that we tend to see.

1- Too vague or general with the answer. Failure to give a specific example.
2- “Ramble” too long on answers not allowing interviewer to get through their questions.
3- Not fully listening to the question and giving an answer not directly relating to the question. sportfogadás tippek naponta
4- Unable to think of an answer – (seemingly not prepared for the interview.)
5- Answer given casts a negative light on performance.

Preparation is the key to successfully navigating this process. You can expect that the questions will relate to the key attributes required for the job. They likely will ask about challenges, competencies and successes. Prior to an interview be sure to have an inventory of your accomplishments, challenges and successes that relate to the position. Listen carefully to the questions and use active listening to make sure you understand before answering if there is any doubt. Your answers should be complete and concise, not more than 2-3 minutes maximum per answer. civil kaszinó online You can always ask the interviewer if your answer covered the question adequately. Here is the basic pattern in which to answer behavioral questions. gaminator mobile bonus


Tell me a time when you ………………………

Answer Pattern – S-T-A-R (3 or 4 minutes)

Situation/Task – What was situation or problem/challenge? – (one or two sentence description)
Action –What did you do? (one or two sentence description)
Result – What happened? How did it turn out? (one or two sentence description)

Check out our list of general behavioral interview questions to help you further prepare!