“Requirements” Time to Shift Thinking

How do you determine what is required for a job? Many employers still cling to a rigid set of guidelines often driven by the job description including a specific minimum number of years in a comparable role or function, specific industry or software experience and education requirements.

If this describes you then I’d like to challenge your thinking. hotspot automaty online Consider how you evaluate internal candidates. Typically employers look at achievement, potential and comparable skills…right? Why should we be looking at internal candidates with an entirely different eye than external candidates?

Make the shift by using goals and desired achievement as the guideline to create your requirements rather than the job description. This will often give you a different desired profile. Then take the blinders off consider achievement and transferable skills. nielegalne gry hazardowe Just because someone has 5 years doing a specific job or a degree doesn’t mean they will be successful.

Competition for the best people will continue to get more challenging. Use your new guidelines to expand the pool of candidates you consider. You will need to use behavioral interviewing techniques to measure performance and you will need to promote the job through the goals not just the job description. This will lead to hiring better performers! gry kasyno automaty za darmo