Career Management During the Pandemic

It’s a natural human response to be overly cautious and cling to security, especially job security, in times of uncertainty. Yet, it is key to still be mindful of career management even during the pandemic. Here are six things to consider when navigating your career in the wake of the pandemic:

  1. Companies are still hiring! Not every company… but many private and family owned businesses are using this time to tackle strategic projects including hiring. PPP funds are starting to flow which will also encourage hiring for key positions.
  2. Nervous about making a change right now? Your natural emotional response with any uncertainty is to hold on tighter to everything including your current job. Life, under normal circumstances, is often very busy with shuffling kids, attending meetings, travel, sports activities, etc. However, there is some natural down time right now. It may give you more time to engage in a process of considering a new opportunity.
  3. Be Ready if the right opportunity knocks. Even if you are not actively looking, it is always a good idea to have your resume updated and to stay open if the right opportunity comes knocking. You don’t want to miss a potentially great opportunity because you weren’t ready for the timing. gry kasyno za darmo
  4. Prepare to interview on video. You are probably a video expert by now! Companies are moving most interviews to video. See the attached tip sheet on video interviewing: Video Interviewing Tips. www totolotek pl zakłady bukmacherskie oferta If you are working from home, it is likely easier than ever to conduct interviews without having to leave the house.
  5. Don’t be Discouraged! If you are between jobs right now you may have to send out more resumes or dig deeper for leads, but your tenacity will pay off eventually. Good candidates are still hard to find for many roles and companies are continuing to hire.
  6. Great Time for Reflection. We always get a natural dose of perspective when we come face to face with potentially life altering events. legalne zaklady bukmacherskie polska Life is precious and too short to spend your time in a job that does not make you happy. This is a great time assess priorities and take steps toward improving the quality of your life.