Client Service Summary

Whether your need is local, national, or international, look to WilliamCharles

Retained Executive Search

We provide tailored solutions to professionally manage the senior level executive hiring process.

WilliamCharles will:

  • Assist in structuring the hiring process including developing a comprehensive job description and position specification.
  • Assist in developing an interview guide and candidate evaluation process designed to evaluate both skills and competencies as well as culture fit.
  • Report search progress with reports and regular ongoing communication.
  • Suggest an appropriate professional assessment and provide 360 degree reference audits on each finalist.
  • Present a short list of candidates to interview who fit the desired specifications.
  • Guide the process through the offer and onboarding of the person hired.

Engaged Search

We partner with you and invest the resources to find the right candidate.

WilliamCharles will:

  • Upon request provide advice and assistance on the hiring and interview process tailored to the specific hiring need.
  • Very similar to a retained executive search we build a pool of candidates, interview those candidates in order to screen down to a short list of candidates to present.
  • Present a short list of candidate resumes and a one page candidate profiles tailored to the specific position.
  • Coordinate interviews and provide a 360 degree reference audit of the final candidate or candidates.
  • Guide the process through the offer and onboarding of the person hired.

Professional Recruiting

We provide contingent recruiting solutions within our areas of specialty.

WilliamCharles will:

  • Gain an understanding of the job description, goals and objectives specific to the position, as well as the organizational characteristics and culture.
  • Screen and present only candidates that are interested and fit the desired specification. We won’t waste your time.
  • Act with the urgency needed to fill your critical need timely.
  • Present candidate resumes along with a supplemental profile which provides the basis for our recommendation.
  • Conduct professional references and background checks upon your request.

Contract Placement

We provide specialized talent to fill an interim or project tailored to your needs.

WilliamCharles will:

    • Recruit, screen and recommend a solution for the contract need to meet the specific skills required and expected results.
    • Arrange a meeting with the candidate and client to discuss the project professional’s capabilities and align expectations for the scope of the assignment.
    • Insure reference checks are completed.
    • Execute contracts detailing the relationships among the client company, WilliamCharles and the contract employee.

Provide bonding insurance on the candidate for errors and omissions along with a 48 hour no charge guarantee.