March 2022 Newsletter: 2022 Survival Guide: Navigating the Next Phase

This is our attempt to take a step back and try to see the forest for the trees. The world of work has been in the midst of unprecedented change and upheaval. Three factors to set the stage: First, we are experiencing a historic period of technological advancement. Technology has obviously been advancing steadily for […]


January 2022 Newsletter: Culture – Walk the Talk

Culture: Walk the Talk Our first newsletter of 2022! This month, we discuss culture. Sure, company swag and free snacks are great perks, but how does that contribute to your company’s culture? If the idea is to “win” and retain your employees, making these changes now will help your organization in the long-run. January Newsletter […]


November Newsletter: Hiring Tips for the Great Reshuffle

Hiring Tips for the Great Reshuffle How to win talent in a candidate-driven market BY BILL BENSON This is not about remote work… in case you are tired of that topic! The “great resignation” or “great reshuffle” is causing many employers to venture into the hiring market to find new people or refill positions. How […]


10 Strategic Growth Questions for Family Businesses

10 Strategic Growth Questions for Family Business By Jim Fox Our guest column this month is written by Jim Fox. I’m excited to share insight Jim has learned throughout his successful career in growing businesses. He is now delivering that same insight to small and medium-sized companies needing his leadership and mentoring capability on a […]


July Newsletter: Recipe for Successful Leadership

The market is hot right now with opportunities, and this can be tempting for your current employees to start looking elsewhere if they don’t feel properly engaged in their current environment. Read these helpful tips from executive recruiter Bill Benson on how you can engage and retain the people who make up your organization. July Newsletter […]


June Newsletter: Competing for Talent – 6 Ways to Win

This month’s newsletter is quite pressing in regards to current hiring trends. There’s no question that there’s not a shortage of available jobs right now; everybody is hiring. But there is a shortage of quality candidates. Read on below to find out six ways you can compete in this market. June Newsletter


April Newsletter: Six Workplace Questions to Ask Yourself This Year

The continuance of the pandemic has us still scratching our heads on what our next steps are in terms of our workplace and office space. It’s clear that change is happening now, but this can still be overwhelming. In our April newsletter, Bill Benson contemplates this issue and presents questions you can ask yourself on how […]