When and why should I take a call from a recruiter?
Things are going well in your current role, but do you find you’ve been traveling more and for longer periods of time? Is your department short staffed, or you feel you may not be getting sufficient support from your manager and you’re starting to feel burned out? Perhaps the next step in your career at your current company requires you to relocate, but you’re happy in your current area because your kids are in school and your extended family is close. Perhaps there has there been a recent restructuring at your company and the direction or values seem to have changed which has started to impact you. Maybe you feel you’re not ready to make a change, but are curious to hear what’s going on in the market. With a full-time job you have enough on your plate, so why not have a trusted partner in the field to keep you informed about current and compelling opportunities that specifically align with your career aspirations? You are not committing to anything by listening or engaging with a recruiter that is tuned into opportunities in your field.
I had a bad experience with a previous recruiter. How do I know you’ll be different?
We’re sorry to hear about your last experience and welcome the opportunity to discuss in more detail how we handle communication and our process. You can read more here(link to testimonials) about other professionals that have worked with us to secure their dream job.
I’m worried my employer will find out. How can you guarantee this will be a confidential process?
The process is completely confidential. WilliamCharles will not share your information with a client unless you give permission.
How do I partner with a Recruiter? What is the process like?
The first step in the process is sending over a copy of your updated resume. If we are working on an opportunity that appears to align with your background and experience, WilliamCharles will follow up to set up a time to conduct a deeper dive into your background and experience. If WilliamCharles does not have a position that aligns with your background now, we will gather some basic preliminary information, set you up in our system and be in touch when the right opportunity comes across our desk.
Should I work with more than one recruiter?
Although we won’t discourage you from working with other sources, our goal is get to know you and build a lasting relationship so we are able to present opportunities we know will be compelling for you.
Does it cost anything to work with a recruiter?
No, it does not cost anything to work with a recruiter. Recruiters are paid by the client, which is the hiring organization.
What types of positions do you work on?
We have proven experience placing mid-senior level executives in Accounting/Finance, Banking, Supply Chain/Operations, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, and Executive Management. Although we focus on direct hire, full time positions, we also place people in contract positions with our clients.
What types of companies do you work with?
WillamCharles partners with companies in industries including but not limited to: manufacturing, distribution, banking, the non-profit sector, food & beverage, medical device, and healthcare. To read more of how we’ve impacted these groups, click here.
How much information should I share with a recruiter?
We encourage you to share as much information as possible in order to get the full picture of your current role and career situation. Not only should you share your current salary, but outline the total compensation package, including any additional perks. Our goal is to connect you with a compelling opportunity that aligns with both your career goals and compensation expectations. We will be candid with you regarding the potential for each opportunity and expect you to keep us fully informed of your current activity, including any changes in your current role or additional opportunities you have in process.
What other resources are available?
Check out our Candidate Resource Center page for additional resources whether you are looking for tools to help prepare for a panel interview, think your resume could use some refreshing, or want tips on how to begin your job search. Also, make sure to check out our blog regularly for updates on new jobs, career advice, and additional tips to help navigate your job search.

Thank you for visiting our Web site! Feel free to download our free career focused documents. We hope this information helps you navigate the always changing and  challenging job market.

If you’re open to hearing about new opportunities then we would like to keep you in mind against our current client opportunities. Please feel free to send us your resume via the link in the upper right hand corner of our site or the link below. By sending us a resume….we can keep you in mind and call you if we have an opportunity. We will always keep your information confidential and never release your name or resume without your explicit permission. We operate with the highest ethical standards and building trusting relationships is at the core of our values.

We do want to set the right expectation. Our fees are paid by our client companies and our time is largely driven by sourcing, recruiting and screening candidates against our current list of assignments. We are not able to assist with job hunting. While we would like to help everyone….we are not designed to be a candidate driven placement agency.

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