“I enjoyed working with Bill and his team on our search and hire of our new CFO. Bill and his team did much of the front end work to get to know our culture and needs and bring us qualified candidates and made the whole process easy. His knowledge of our current and future needs went well beyond the standard resume qualifications to find someone to truly fit into our culture and growth plans. Thank you!”
Jordan D. Schupan || GM/Sales & Marketing, Schupan and Sons Inc
“As Schupan and Sons Inc. embarked upon the process of hiring a new CFO, we interviewed several search firms to assist us in making this most important hire.  We ultimately decided on the WilliamCharles Search Group and Bill Benson to help us find the right fit for our company and our culture.  Bill's calm, professional, and persistent approach proved to be exactly what we needed in our search.  Bill presented several qualified candidates and worked well with our executive team to narrow the list and find the perfect fit.  We could not be happier with the results of working with Bill and his company to guide us through this process and ultimately finding a match that works for both Schupan and Sons and our new CFO!”
Thomas Emmerich || Chief Operating Officer/Schupan and Sons Inc
“I have recently had the privilege of working with WilliamCharles in the search for a qualified CFO for Clark Retirement Community, Inc. With the assistance of Chuck Smeester, we were able to interview several highly qualified candidates who had previously been through a rigorous recruiting and screening process. Working with WilliamCharles in our search for a CFO relieved Clark from the burden of reviewing and interviewing candidates that would not have been capable of handling the required responsibilities and helped us expedite filling the open position. With their expertise, we were able to fill the position with a very qualified candidate.”
Brian Pangle || President/CEO, Clark Retirement Community
“There's a remarkable difference in working with WilliamCharles Search Group over any other agency. While they were searching for the very best candidates, they actually became involved in our company as part of our hiring team of professionals. For six months, we had conducted an extensive search for a Quality Assurance Manager position. We had been using many food industry search firms, and none of those firms presented us with candidates that met the desired leadership and experience we needed for this important position. It was at that critical juncture when we approached Bill Benson and his team of professionals. Within 30 days, we were speaking to candidates who were well suited for this position. Within 90 days, we extended an offer to someone who was well established within the food service industry, and a great leader for our QA team. It is because of the level of commitment and thorough understanding of both our needs and those of each candidate that we have made WilliamCharles one of our elite, preferred vendors of choice. They have proven that what matters to us, matters to them!”
Jill Day || Corporate Recruiter, Gordon Food Service
“William Charles has filled two key leadership roles at STARS.  In June 2014, we hired a female executive with extensive revenue cycle and health care operations experience for our Chief Operations Officer role.  This hire has been an extremely valuable addition to our company.  She has been instrumental in improving our culture, leading upgrades to our information technology infrastructure and preparing us for the complex transition to value based payment models. She has since been promoted to our top administrative role- Chief Executive Officer. The other position was a newly created role of Quality Manager. William Charles identified a local candidate with strong clinical management, quality improvement and regulatory compliance experience. This highly successful, passive candidate came from a very small pool of qualified prospects. We hired this candidate to create and implement our quality program in September of 2016. This leader has already been promoted to a director level. William Charles has been a strong partner for us in expanding our recruiting efforts for difficult to fill positions. They welcome the challenge and have an impressive track record of success at STARS!”
Michele Bishop, PHR || Talent Acquisition and Communications Consultant, Advanced Radiology Services, PC
“The search process for a new CEO at Goodwill of West Michigan was a memorable experience, a really good experience.  Bill Benson and the search organization was professional, yet caring regarding both the client and the applicants.  Having worked with a number of search agencies in the past, I found William Charles to be the first one that really dug into finding the “right” person for the job, not just placing a person into the position.   Bill Benson was a great person to have leading the search.  Bill had the unique ability to bring together a group of people on the search committee with very different perspectives.  He remained steadfast and kept the group on task in accomplishing their goal.  This was not always easy with a group of volunteer board members with a huge decision to make.   Bill educated himself on the culture and the mission of the Goodwill organization.  He presented us with a number of excellent candidates to choose from that would best fit that mode.  There was no doubt that we would be successful in finding an outstanding CEO from the group.   Bill has an easy temperament, a good sense of humor and always professional.  It was never dull.  Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Without a doubt, would consider working with Bill Benson/William Charles again in the future.”
Diana R. Osborn || Co-Chair Search Committee, Board of Directors , Goodwill Industries West Michigan
“I have had the privilege of working with WilliamCharles on several occasions across three different businesses. Chuck Smeester has identified outstanding candidates in roles as diverse as Procurement, Marketing, and Finance.  Most recently, WilliamCharles guided Crystal Flash in recruiting an exceptional CFO by developing a deep understanding of our culture and business needs, pre-screening a small group of qualified candidates, then helping negotiate a superb match. It is always a fun journey working with the WilliamCharles team.”
Tom Olive || President/CEO, Crystal Flash
“When I recently retained WilliamCharles for two key executive roles, I was highly interested in hiring for leadership effectiveness and certain behavioral competencies.  I expected interest from technically capable executives, but wanted much more.  I am very pleased with the results. Both individuals are highly competent and trustworthy. Our goals was to find that right “fit”.  WilliamCharles listened well, engaged in strategic sourcing, and as a result, exceeded my expectations.  ”
Pam Ries || SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer, Spectrum Health
“We had the pleasure of engaging WilliamCharles Search Group to find the ideal match for a Regional President in a critical growth market. Chuck Smeester and his team did an outstanding job understanding our needs, presenting a strong array of candidates and leading us to a successful close with the right candidate. Through the entire search their knowledge, professionalism and a disciplined search process enabled them to work as a valued partner.”
Ron Hagy || SVP Talent Acquisition, Old National Bank
“Our organization had the need to fill a new role in talent acquisition leadership.  I am a member of a local HR advisory board, so I reached out to other members of the board to recommend their preferences of recruiters.  Each of the three board members I surveyed, based on their past experiences, recommended WilliamCharles. Chuck Smeester worked very closely with me to understand the need and to clarify the various responsibilities which would be expected of the new leader.  After this initial vetting process, Chuck provided three very highly qualified candidates for interview.  The result was a great hire (and we couldn’t have made a bad choice with either of the other candidates), with whom we are very satisfied.  The new leader hit the ground running, has engaged the team and has brought meaningful process change to our organization.  Based on my experience, like my colleagues on the HR advisory board, I will recommend WilliamCharles in the future.  ”
Steve Blubaugh || VP Human Resources, USF Holland
“We have been a William Charles client for the past two years.  Jaclyn is professional, reliable and results orientated.  We have hired several employees with the help of William Charles and the process has been seamless.”
Lisa Ricketts || HR Manager, SUSPA
“I have worked with Bill Benson a couple of times and have been extremely pleased both times. One of the best things is that I always feel Bill looks to place the right candidate with the right job. He asks several questions of the candidate and really tries to make sure the job is the right job for you. For me, this has resulted in placements that are highly satisfying and rewarding and not merely a match of credentials and requirements. Thank you Bill!”
Mike W. || Director of Human Resources
“WilliamCharles exceeded my expectations by having a network of international recruiting contacts and quickly getting me SEVERAL qualified American candidates in my price range for a General Manager position in Northern China.  The other firms I contacted were not able to produce the same results.  I appreciated how WilliamCharles worked with me and kept the candidates informed and happy during our long selection process.   I also appreciated that WilliamCharles introduced me to English speaking recruiters in China to help us with other recruiting needs at our Qingdao, China operation.  Until calling WilliamCharles, I had trouble finding an English speaking contact in China.  I talked to many recruiting firms in GR and when I asked for help in China, most turned me down flat because they had no networks built in Asia.”
Tammy Baker || Human Resources Manager, Grand Rapids Controls
“Two Men and a Truck has engaged WilliamCharles on 4 top level searches, CFO, CIO, V.P. of Human Resources and V.P. of Marketing. We used you four times and you hit home runs every time.  We will use you again.”
Brig Sorber || President, Two Men and a Truck
“I appreciated that WilliamCharles presented us with only quality candidates that ultimately led to a hire!”
Kraig Harper || CFO, Service Express
“WilliamCharles provided professional resources and invaluable guidance as we worked to fill the high profile President/CEO position of our not-for profit organization.  As a volunteer Board of Directors and Search Committee, considering the confidentiality that must be maintained, managing the search process internally would not have been practical.  WilliamCharles helped us to define the candidate criteria, worked with our staff so that we understood the operational culture of our organization, and prequalified the candidates that we considered.”
Robert W. Roth || President 2004 Board Chair, Area Chamber of Commerce, RoMan Manufacturing, Inc
“Certainly, you may have any prospective client contact me and I’ll highly recommend you.”
Randy DeBoer || President (past), Interphase Office Interiors
“My expectations are extremely high and you did well given our unusual needs. If WilliamCharles recommends a candidate for interview, I am never disappointed. Even when the person is not quite what I am looking for, they are closer than my own screening attempts. WilliamCharles won’t give up until they find the right match, even when the parameters of qualifications and skills are unusual.”
Karin Wysocki || President, Grand Rapids Building Services
“The staff at WilliamCharles provides the best service that I have ever experienced from their industry. They proved the best fit for the employer and employee.”
Michele DeBoer || Human Resources Manager, Constructive Sheet Metal
“Like many companies wanting to find top talent, Notions Marketing Corporation is often faced with where and how to find the “Best of the Best” of resources.  WilliamCharles understands this and continually meets the challenge by providing us with top notch candidates. WilliamCharles has successfully partnered with Notions Marketing for the past several years.  They always take the time to understand our business needs and their team works diligently to connect us with the highest caliber candidates.  This search firm has an exceptional attention to detail, understands tight timelines, proactively communicates, is completely customer service oriented and best of all, they follow-through on their commitments.   It is my pleasure to provide the highest recommendation possible for WilliamCharles Search Group for professional and executive recruiting needs.”
Adrienne Stevens || President, formerly of Notions Marketing
“An executive search partner is a critical part of a company’s talent acquisition strategy.  I have worked with WilliamCharles on several searches over the past five years and they demonstrate consistently their ability to find the ‘fit’ that is often hard to put into words…  the ‘you know it when you see it’ candidate. I have confidence in WilliamCharles as a messenger of our company’s career opportunities, representative of our brand, and in some cases, an extension of our leadership team – the difference between a search ‘partner’ and placement company.
In terms of outcomes, my experience with WilliamCharles has been a high recruitment success rate in terms of offer-acceptance rate, on-time searches, and placed candidates with high levels of performance and contribution in the new role.”
Leslie Lynch || Chief Administrative Office, Bank of Holland
“What I appreciated the most about WilliamCharles Executive Search was the quality of the candidates presented to us; I didn’t have to weed out any unqualified candidates or waste time on activities that you expect your recruiter to manage for you. Our search wasn’t an easy search and Williams Charles was able to fill our opening in a very timely fashion with multiple candidates capable of filling our needs. The outcome was great, was only given qualified candidates to interview, had multiple choices, filled the job well within our timeframe and found a trusted resource for future recruitment needs.”
Jim Green || Senior Director of Human Resources, Lacks Enterprises
“William Charles utilizes an employee selection rigor that keeps a complex recruiting project on track.  This process includes job analysis/position description development, compensation benchmarking,  candidate sourcing, preliminary interviewing,  advanced leadership assessment,  candidate selection decision making, offer negotiation,  and employee onboarding.  Working with William Charles is highly efficient and yields very positive results for all parties involved.    I utilized WilliamCharles for several difficult, niche-like executive level roles.  William Charles was able to source several ideal candidates.  I was impressed that WilliamCharles identified qualified candidates for very specific and difficult openings.     We were able to fill our openings with highly qualified and ideally situated candidates.  WilliamCharles prides itself in knowing their client.  This helps with job fit and job motivation criteria.  William Charles provides outstanding 3rd party advocacy to the prospective employer and to the prospective job candidate.  This helps all parties in a recruiting transaction.    I would use them again.   I am using them again right now.”
Steve Busch || Director of HR, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies
“I had the opportunity to work with Chuck Smeester and his team at WilliamCharles during a recent search for our Director of Operations.  Knowing that this was going to be fairly significant investment of both time and money, it was critically important to work with someone that was completely aligned with what we were trying to do.  After the first conversation with Chuck, I was extremely comfortable that he understood our business and the type of candidate we required.  
This confidence in his people and the process was only reinforced as we reviewed the first (and what ended up being only) round of candidates.  The resumes were great, but the candidate profiles that Chuck's team prepared are what absolutely made the difference in the evaluation process.  Not only were they thorough, but they were extremely accurate.  The character traits that were called out in the profiles were very apparent during the interview process.  It was obvious that the WilliamCharles team had invested the time to get to know the prospective candidates, and understood our needs and the required fit as well.  After several rounds of interviews, we ultimately made an offer to one of the initial candidates.  Chuck was able to advocate well for both parties as we briefly negotiated a few final details and the offer was quickly accepted.  Our new Director of Operations has now been on the job for over 60 days and has absolutely hit the ground running.  He was the exact right person for this role and the Company will be reaping the benefits of this addition well into the future. The WilliamCharles team was able to bring significant value and made what can be a tiresome process extremely efficient.  I can't speak highly enough about Chuck and his team, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future.”
Ray Sayers || President, Thoroughbred Fulfillment
“Chuck and Bill tried to get to know us and know our culture. It is not just a transaction to them but instead a partnership where they want to be a part of the team to find the best fit. By the time the candidates walked through our door for the first interview, they were already well researched and had completed multiple interviews leading to better in house interviews. We have found 3 great ambassadors that fit us and our culture including an HR Manager through WililamCharles. We have and we will work with WilliamCharles again!”
Matt Jung || Co-CEO/Founder, Comfort Research
“At Koeze, our prime concern in hiring is finding a good match for our culture.  WilliamCharles took the time to understand what we were looking for and then took special care to help us and the candidates assess the culture match. We were very happy with the outcome of our search.”
Jeff Koeze || President, Koeze Nut Company
“What I most appreciated about working with WilliamCharles Executive Search was the fact Bill Benson took the time to really understand our needs concerning our Chief Financial Officer position. The complexity of our Foundation demanded that we attract a seasoned and accomplished professional with a great depth of experience and knowledge.   The person we hired is simply the best. Definitely recognizing the fit that this individual possessed for our organization could only be realized by the WilliamCharles Executive Search firm.  The reach that they have in attracting key individuals for top level positions and matching them to needs of their business clients, is the value that distinguishes them. We hired the best of the best when it came to the CFO position and our relationship with WilliamCharles and Bill Benson did not end with the hire. He does seek feedback from the executive we hired and checks in with me as well.”
Diana Sieger || CEO, Grand Rapids Community Foundation
“WilliamCharles was a valuable partner when our Chief Financial Officer retired. Their team helped us to identify our need, developed and vetted a pool of highly qualified candidates and facilitated the negotiation to secure the ideal person for a critical role in our organization. Having a trusted thought partner throughout the process removed the traditional anxieties associated with filling a crucial role on our team.”
Rick Baker || President/CEO, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
“In our company, we are constantly hiring positions that are new and unique to Legal Copy Services and our industry.  WilliamCharles has a keen sense of taking a rough job description, molding it into a fine tuned job prospectus, and finding multiple qualified candidates.  Their candidates are consistently rising stars or established veterans, and are adequately prescreened to ensure that the processes is effective and efficient. WilliamCharles focused on ensuring that the candidates not only both fit the position and core job responsibilities, but also the employee-focused culture at Legal Copy Services WilliamCharles was able to help Legal Copy Services fill four crucial positions within the last eighteen months.”
Geoff Bremer || CFO/COO, LCS Record Retrieval
“I appreciate the time William Charles takes to understand not only the position we’re trying to fill but our culture and the characteristics most likely to make candidates successful at our organization. William Charles comes through time and time again when we’ve engaged them on a search.  The WilliamCharles team does the hard work of sourcing strong candidates, calibrating on our needs and refining the search and starting the process over again. We have a William Charles alumni group at Ranir.  Some on this team go back 10 years or more and others are relatively new.  Finding talent that excels and grows with the company begins with understanding what both the candidate and our company are looking for and making those connections. We will continue to partner with WC based on the success we’ve had in the past and their ability to provide talent for our future growth.”
Denise Phillips || Sr. Director HR, formerly of Ranir Corporation
“I appreciate how quickly you found two very good candidates. We were able to offer and gain acceptance within 60 days which exceeded our expectations.  We will definitely work with W-C again. They demonstrated to me an ability to match candidates that met our requirements. As a mid-market company looking to upgrade talent when opportunities present themselves, I think W-C was able to interpret our needs and find suitable candidates. The process working with Chuck was very transparent. He never asked or implied we needed to reset our expectations.  I valued and could easily trust the counsel I received from Chuck.”
Dave Straw || COO, Skytron
“Thanks again Bill for all your good work. Your search allowed us to collectively choose the right candidate for our position. Your search process gave us the comfort of picking the right choice, not just the easy choice.”
Scott Sheldon || Board Chair, Commercial Bank
“I really appreciate working with WilliamCharles.  They truly feel like an extension of my team.  Not only do Bill and Chuck find qualified candidates, but they always have great advice when I’m struggling to get the executive team to align on a candidate or I’m debating with myself about the level I want to focus on for a particular position.  They not only deliver seasoned, experienced consulting to find candidates that fit with my organization, they put together fair offers that get accepted and provide timely ongoing communication.  They really take the time to know me and the team I work with, and help us think through all the organizational issues that go along with adding a new executive to the team.  It’s close to impossible to find that kind of service and relationship with just any recruiting firm.  Since I started working with Bill and Chuck, I’ve never been tempted to call another recruiter!”
Sr. Director HR || Global Distribution Company
“As an Executive Recruiter with the WilliamCharles Search Group, Jaclyn recruited me for a marketing position at an organization that I would have not otherwise found. Jaclyn took to the time to contact me, learn my skills and stayed in contact while searching for a position that was best suited for me and the organization. I highly recommend Jaclyn for your recruiting needs.”
Kari S., || Senior Marketing Manager
“When I recently retained WilliamCharles for two key executive roles, I was highly interested in hiring for leadership effectiveness and certain behavioral competencies.  I expected interest from technically capable executives, but wanted much more.  I am very pleased with the results. Both individuals are highly competent and trustworthy. Our goals was to find that right “fit”.  WilliamCharles listened well, engaged in strategic sourcing, and as a result, exceeded my expectations.  ”
Pam Ries || SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer, Spectrum Health
“Exploring what’s next in one’s career can be daunting.  A partnership with William-Charles makes the difference in whether or not that journey is embraced or feared.  They are a world class group that truly advocates for clients and recruits.”
Sheila W. || Marketing Manager
“I appreciated the professional manner and background information for each of the positions that were presented. I was impressed with the local business contacts, the potential employment opportunities and the “fit” with my background and experience for the career opportunities that were presented during the time I was working with WilliamCharles. I interviewed with two great local companies during the short time I was working with Jaclyn at WilliamCharles.  We found a great opportunity here in West Michigan.  My family and I are so very grateful.”
Mark L. || Credit & Collections Manager
“WilliamCharles was very thorough and answered all questions I had with regards to the position I was interviewing for very quickly.  Jaclyn was also, right out of the gate, very easy to talk with and did a great job of understanding my situation and needs with a new position. They exceeded my expectations with a very precise and efficient process.  All meetings were scheduled and began and ended on time as well as thoroughly documented to ensure all parties were on the same page through every step of the process. As a result, I was able to accept a new position with a great company and continue down my career path.”
Greg H. || Director of Quality
“I am so grateful to William Charles for finding the perfect fit for me.  I appreciate the time they took to get to know me and most importantly, what was important to me in an employer.   They exceeded my expectations by being accessible, personable and transparent throughout the process.  I have recommended them to others without hesitation because of their commitment to people and professionalism.”
Becky P. || Human Resources Manager
“I have worked with Bill Benson a couple of times and have been extremely pleased both times. One of the best things is that I always feel Bill looks to place the right candidate with the right job. He asks several questions of the candidate and really tries to make sure the job is the right job for you. For me, this has resulted in placements that are highly satisfying and rewarding and not merely a match of credentials and requirements. Thank you Bill!”
Stan V. || CFO
“After just a few minutes of my initial conversation with Bill Benson, it was clear that WilliamCharles was an agency I wanted to engage with. Bill was equally informed and insightful in his efforts to match my needs and skill set with opportunity. I appreciate his determination, honesty and commitment to my family and I, throughout the process and after. WilliamCharles is an agency that added tremendous value to my growth and career development plan.”
Ryan E. || Global Account Executive