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We have extensive experience placing leaders who bring value added capability and who also seamlessly fit into the organization.

Owning and managing your family's business is a source of immense pride. This sentiment holds especially true for multi-generational family enterprises. However, if your goal is to expand and enhance profitability while preparing the business for the next generation of ownership, you'll need a crucial element that is both straightforward yet uncommon – talented individuals. While the dedication and pride your family has invested in building your business are unparalleled, there's nothing quite like the comprehensive knowledge and expertise that a proven executive can bring to elevate your family business to the next level. We are passionate around helping get to the next level through people.

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We have a proven track record working with family-owned business fill key leadership positions up to and including President/CEO. Fit is the key to finding the person who will fit seamlessly within your organization.

Positions We Fill

  • President/CEO
  • Chief People Officer
  • COO/Director of Operations
  • VP Sales/Marketing
  • HR Director
  • Director of Finance

Recently Filled Positions

  • CFO – Family Owned Distributor
  • President – Northern Michigan Fam-Owned
  • VP HR – Family Owned 500 million

Tailored Hiring Solutions

We recognize that every client’s journey is distinctive. Whether you are a family-owned business, a middle-market corporation, or a private equity-backed company, our approach is tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Our suite of services, encompassing both retained executive search and contingent search, is designed to adapt, and evolve with you. Your success is our top priority, and we’re here to ensure you have the right leaders by your side at every step.

Executive Search

When you need trusted assistance for your most crucial strategic hiring needs. We have trusted experience leading you through a step-by-step process to identify, attract and hire executives who will seamlessly integrate and impact the success of your organization.

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Professional Recruiting

When you need broader access to talent. We have recruiting team members focused on providing value added direct hire recruiting services to our client organizations. This gives you access to passive candidates who are not answering job postings.

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Contract Placement

When you need to fill a need immediately. We apply the same careful vetting that we use in direct hire to help clients locate candidates to handle contract, project based or interim needs. Our focus in this area includes finance and accounting, human resources across and project resources.

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Our Process Ensures a Successful Fit Every time (How we Work)

We execute each step of the executive search process with a critical eye. We understand the critical organizational importance of hiring the candidate who will deliver exceptional performance.

1 Discovery


Gain an understanding around the culture, organizational values, and goals. Meet key constituents and understand the desired outcomes for the role.

2 Strategy


Critical for key stakeholders to align around the desired candidate profile. This includes the experience profile and a list of intangibles required for a seamless integration.

3 Recruiting


Tailor the recruiting, attraction & evaluation process to the specific need. Build in key steps in the process, assessment, and stake holder involvement.

4 Present


Execute the research, sourcing and recruiting strategy. Build a candidate pool that involves covering the desired candidate market while narrowing the pool against tangible and intangible requirements updating our clients through this process.

5 Evaluation


Vett the candidate pool and collaborate to develop a short slate of candidates. Incorporate tools and criteria to use through client interview process. Determine final candidate(s) and execute final steps of evaluation.

6 Selection


Facilitate the final decision taking into account all the steps in the process including data points from assessment, references and evaluation process. Assist with the offer, acceptance, resignation and on-boarding process.

Building Your Talent Capability One Talented Leader at a Time

We have expertise to fill the critical needs in departments across your organization.

Client Segments

We are primarily focused on the middle market with companies on average ranging in size up to 500 million in sales. We do a concentration of work with Family-Owned Businesses and Private Equity Owned companies. We have expertise with employee owned (ESOP) and private owned companies.

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WilliamCharles has deep and broad experience working across a number of different industries and sectors. Located in Michigan gives us extensive experience with manufacturing and distribution industries. At times, specific industry experience is critical – other times it is better to seek the best talent across industries. We help you navigate those critical decisions.

Case Studies

Hiring a key executive is among the your most critical decisions to get right. We understand the gravity of these decisions and each situation provides a unique set of circumstances. We have a successful track record creating successful outcomes to these seemingly daunting situations.

Distributor (after-market) COO/CFO

Family owned, multi-state distribution company with 2nd generation President planning to transition to retirement. No 3rd generation family member interested or able to assume leadership.

Our Approach
Worked with 2nd generation leader to define a position to serve as the transition plan. Needed both finance and operations leadership experience as well as experience working within a family owned environment.

Retained search to find a Vice President of Finance and Operations. Person hired will transition into the President position over time.


Equipment Manufacturer – Chief People Officer, Director of Supply Chain

An established and fast growing family owned manufacturing company needed to gear up for an expansion of the business. These talent needs included both the head of human resources as well as a Director of Supply Chain.

Our Approach
Through previous experience with this organization, and we had a keen understanding of the culture and leadership team. This enabled us to identify candidates who both fit the culture in addition to capabilities needed for them to accommodate additional growth and volume.

Both candidates have made the seamless transition that our client was hoping.

500mm Diversified – CFO

Large family enterprise was going through the transition from their long time CFO to an individual who could effectively support the incoming generation of leaders as well as future growth.

Our Approach
We spent time with family and professional stakeholders to understand the organization goals, strengths, weaknesses, and culture. We conducted a regional and national search to find the candidate best suited for both organizational growth and fit with family.

The process led to a successful acquisition hiring of a CFO who moved geographically to be close to the corporate office. This was the incoming generation’s first CFO and executive leader.

Wood Products Manufacturer– President

Northern Michigan family-owned forest product manufacturing company was looking for its first non-family President. The challenge of this position was finding an individual well-suited to realize the vision of the CEO (family member). This involved finding the right experience, leadership approach and willingness to move to northern Michigan.

Our Approach
We developed a slate of candidates and after two rounds of interviews the lead candidate emerged. He went through several steps including meetings with board members, assessments and references.

The candidate was hiring and will be moving his family.

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