2024 Workplace Update: The Cubicle Comeback

Happy 2024. It has been a while since my last newsletter but expect to see me getting back to a monthly cadence on topics important to our clients. WilliamCharles is close to launching a new website – It will be unveiled in our March newsletter. Stay tuned and check us out in March! We are […]


Hiring for Culture Fit

Hiring for Culture Fit by Bill Benson Are you struggling to find people who will stay with you long term? Do you have an intentional process to evaluate fit? We still see companies screening and measuring candidates against largely tangible requirements. Most companies see the importance of culture fit, but it hasn’t translated to the […]


The Great Renegotiation – Are You Ready for 2023?

The Great Renegotiation – Are You Ready For 2023? By Bill Benson Wow – loaded question? If you have been on your heels reacting to recruiting and retention challenges, you are not alone. Let’s look at six major factors as we roll into the new year. Candidate Short Market – Increased Competition – This isn’t […]


Are You Getting An ROI On Developing Your Talent?

We hope you enjoy this article from our guest writers. Tony Cortese retired from Herman Miller in 2019 where he had been SVP of Human Resources and currently leads ARIA Leadership Coaching & Consulting. David Keegin is currently the President of Anderson Keegin & Associates. Together they have founded INSIGHT Action Learning Group. They are […]


March 2022 Newsletter: 2022 Survival Guide: Navigating the Next Phase

This is our attempt to take a step back and try to see the forest for the trees. The world of work has been in the midst of unprecedented change and upheaval. Three factors to set the stage: First, we are experiencing a historic period of technological advancement. Technology has obviously been advancing steadily for […]


January 2022 Newsletter: Culture – Walk the Talk

Culture: Walk the Talk Our first newsletter of 2022! This month, we discuss culture. Sure, company swag and free snacks are great perks, but how does that contribute to your company’s culture? If the idea is to “win” and retain your employees, making these changes now will help your organization in the long-run. January Newsletter […]


November Newsletter: Hiring Tips for the Great Reshuffle

Hiring Tips for the Great Reshuffle How to win talent in a candidate-driven market BY BILL BENSON This is not about remote work… in case you are tired of that topic! The “great resignation” or “great reshuffle” is causing many employers to venture into the hiring market to find new people or refill positions. How […]