Hiring for Culture Fit in 2023

Hiring for Culture Fit in 2023 by Bill Benson Are you struggling to find people who will stay with you long term? Do you have an intentional process to evaluate fit? We still see companies screening and measuring candidates against largely tangible requirements. Most companies see the importance of culture fit, but it hasn’t translated […]


Career Management During the Pandemic

It’s a natural human response to be overly cautious and cling to security, especially job security, in times of uncertainty. Yet, it is key to still be mindful of career management even during the pandemic. Here are six things to consider when navigating your career in the wake of the pandemic: Companies are still hiring! […]


The Dream Job. Are You Ready if it Knocks on Your Door?

You are content in your job.  But let’s face it.  It’s a job.  A means to an end.  But what if your dream job was right around the corner.  What if an employer was proactively seeking their next superstar and that star was YOU?   Would you be ready?  Here are some ideas on how to […]


5 Common Behavioral Interview Mistakes.

Gone are the days where you can schmooze your way through interviews. If you have not interviewed (on either side of the desk) in the last 5 years, then you may not be familiar with what has become the standard interview process for most companies. Good candidates often perform poorly when navigating this process which […]