Kids Food Basket

Are you looking for a “purpose partner”? Kid’s Food Basket checks all the boxes!

Millennial and Gen Z workers now represent the largest share of our workforce. These individuals are drawn to companies that champion causes or missions aligned with their values. As you work on building your culture, we would suggest that Kid’s Food Basket offers a compelling value proposition.

Why Kid’s Food Basket?

A Relatable Purpose – Food and Kids – Most commonly serving Children 5-12 who live in at risk areas of Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon and Allegan communities.
Food Costs – The cost of food and the increased costs of energy and housing are driving greater food insecurity for many area households. And, the costs are higher for Kid’s Food Basket.

Sustainable Approach – Not only does KFB provide needed lunches and weekend food to many children they also provide hands-on planting and growing experiences & nutrition education. This engagement can provide lifelong benefits from healthier living.

Growing Need – More and more schools are asking for help from Kid’s Food Basket, forcing them to say no to some school districts. Increased resources will broaden the number of kids being served.

Volunteering Made Easy – Work groups can easily volunteer to help pack school lunches. Great group activity where employees can the value of their time.
Local Community Focus (4 counties in West Michigan) focused. Your time and money will be directed toward the needs of our communities.

Donor Funded Organization – KFB is 90+ percent funded by donations. They do not receive money from state or federal programs. They rely on corporate and individual donations.

Leadership – Bridget Clark Whitney is a passionate leader who is worthy of your trust and support. Bridget and her Kids Food Basket story is compelling. Her personal story of integrity, courage, resilience, vision & passion for mission is equally inspiring.

What is driving this need?

    • 1.1 million people in Michigan are food insecure.
    • 34,260 food insecure Children ages 0-17 in Ottawa, Allegan, Muskegon and Kent counties.


  • Food insecure people are 2.9 times more likely to be in poor health.
  • 11.8% of people in the US are food insecure.


How has Kid’s Food Basket responded?

  • 818,609 Healthy nourishing meals served since July 1, 2023
  • 267,500 servings of produce grown and distributed from KFB Farms since 2023
  • 33,668 hours of volunteer hours service advocating for KFB missions.
  • 1,735 student engagements with nutrition education since July 1, 2023
  • 60 schools serviced across Kent, Muskegon, Ottawa and Allegan counties

We love supporting the work of Kids Food Basket and we hope to encourage you to do the same as we highlight what they do for our community. We have participated in many of their events and fundraisers, such as golf outings, dinners, holiday cards and volunteering. We find them to be a wonderful and worthy organization to support. Join us in partnering with them to help feed kids in West Michigan!

Learn more about Kids Food Basket at

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